Write Out Loud students


 Students’ responses to Write From the Body:


“As a professional ghostwriter and editor, I often lose touch with my own spark of creativity and the passions that inspire me to do my own original work. Write From the Body provided me with a refreshing re-entry into my own creative mind through the doorway of physicality. I left the workshop feeling supported, inspired and renewed.”

-Melissa Block, Writer and Editor


“Elizabeth did a great job creating an environment in which I felt comfortable to share and explore both my movement and my writing—she managed to encourage honesty and sensitivity while keeping us focused on accomplishing a goal.  Her workshop opened me to new tools for creating choreography and unlocked an inner writer that I had never given a voice to.  I have kept the writings from her workshop and still reflect on them.”

-Kaita Lepore, dancer and pilates instructor


“Elizabeth’s Write From the Body series is a mind-expanding, delightful dance into the expressiveness we all have waiting to be released, waiting to fly, to be heard and felt with the entire body. Write From the Body is a series not to be missed!”

-Rhonda Munson, Writer


“Elizabeth’s use of eclectic styles of writing and physical exercises opened my writer’s voice beyond my expectations and into a larger realm from which I now write.”

-Butterfli O’Shea, Writer


“Elizabeth’s innovative process is soul, heart, mind, and body enriching and captivates the imagination in the most delightful way. Be forewarned–once you have experienced her magic, you’ll hunger for more.”

-Misa Kelly, Choreographer


“Elizabeth is in the category of “Master Teacher” just as a human being. As a teacher, and professional (dancer and journalist), Elizabeth never approaches anything she does with less than the utmost care, compassion, passion, craft, and awareness. I took Write From the Body when I was seven months pregnant with my son, and found the journey of the class and support of the structure to be clarifying, enlightening and a near perfect time to contemplate life through a balance of writing and movement. Elizabeth is onto something big! I would recommend this class (and do all the time) to anyone and everyone who likes to write and move, but also to anyone who may be seeking a safe place to branch out—to explore and share in a safe and intimate container.”

-Cybil Gilbertson, Pilates and Yoga Instructor


 Writing Group Participant Responses:

“I came into Elizabeth’s class unsure if I belonged. For decades I’d used visual art to tell my stories, partly because the direct power of words frightened me. Elizabeth’s encouragement, personal example, and skillful listening helped me hear my voice and make bridges to the world with my writing.” 

-Jill Littlewood, artist

Students’ responses to Write Out Loud:

Write Out Loud is a class for people who want to try new things.  It lets you work on writing, but not on some superficial level.  Elizabeth is awesome, and she doesn’t push you to read your stuff to the group unless you want to.  Anyone who likes to write and act would not be disappointed.

-Evy Weiland, 10th grade, Santa Barbara High School


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